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Idea - a helper app to load routes into CoPilot

Manually loading .trp routes into CoPilot is a pain. How about an Android helper app?

After installing it and connecting it to my MotoGoLoco account, I'd be able to click a button on the website which would send the route to the MotoGoLoco helper app. This app would then copy the .trp file to the appropriate place under the CoPilot installation directory.

This would be awesome, finally a way to plan a route on a computer and with one click send it to a navigation device.

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Great idea.  Motogoloco is very cool (apart from the memory leaking and slow down) and co-pilot is also a brilliant app.  Would definitely use this.

P.S. tried to click on "Do you like this idea" and I get a "page has moved" page.

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