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Export a Route in GPX format

I exported a route I made in GPX Format, the file was empty and only had the starting and finishing waypoints.. I then exported the same file in kml format... opened that no problem with Basemap? Seems to be an issue with the GPX export?? I've attached the file in question..

  By the way... Awesome site...  I will spread the word......


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3 people have this problem

same problem... any solution ?

exactly the same problem....won't find my Zumo but it shows up in Garmin Communicator

Have downloaded maps to Garmin Zumo 590 for past 12 months and no problem

Suddenly now i Export Map to Garmin - it then searches foe connected devices and then reads data written to device... All Perfect...

Except when i switch on the Garmin there are NO Files found to download...

I have searched the 590 and they have not been stored

Any ideas Guys....?????

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